Specta Technologies has selected Kickstarter, a successful crowd-funding platform to help kickstart our project. Spectacam was initially self-funded and we now aim to raise funds for the next phase of development.

We hope to have your support on Kickstarter.

What’s Kickstarter?
Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. Everything from films, games, and music to art, design, and technology. Kickstarter is full of ambitious, innovative, and imaginative projects that are brought to life through the direct support of others. Since their launch on April 28, 2009, over $350 million has been pledged by more than 2.5 million people, funding more than 30,000 creative projects.

How does Kickstarter work?
Thousands of creative projects are funding on Kickstarter at any given moment. Each project is independently created and crafted by the person behind it. The filmmakers, musicians, artists, and designers you see on Kickstarter have complete control and responsibility over their projects. They spend weeks building their project pages, shooting their videos, and brainstorming what rewards to offer backers. When they’re ready, creators launch their project and share it with their community.

Every project creator sets their project’s funding goal and deadline. If people like the project, they can pledge money to make it happen. If the project succeeds in reaching its funding goal, all backers‘ credit cards are charged when time expires. If the project falls short, no one is charged. Funding on Kickstarter is all-or-nothing.

What is your goal?
We are targeting to raise $200,000.

What will the money go towards?
The money will go towards completing development to manufacture specifications and cost of initial tooling.

Can I support in any other way?
Yes you may. You may offer us advice, feedback and motivation. As a start-up, we will learn and absorb all we can. We are big on the barter system of exchanging knowledge.

Read more about Kickstarter here.