What is Spectacam?

Spectacam is a dual video sports camera with WiFi capabilities for the sports enthusiast wanting a lightweight, streamlined, functional and cool looking camera to document their adventures.

What does “Spectacam” mean?

Spectacles have two lenses. Let the dual camera be your spectacular spectacles. Read SPECTA!

How did you come up with Spectacam?

Spectacam was a coffee shop idea brewed between Josiah and his close friend Andrew Ong who were out cycling on a sunny morning, chatting about a few hit and run incidents involving unscrupulous motorists.

Josiah decided that this was an idea worth exploring as he saw a need for a streamlined helmet camera to use on a daily basis, which would help to analyze his training as well as to record his rides for safety reasons. He envisioned having dual cameras recording any potentially negative incidents as well as anything exciting on his rides.

Where are you located?

We are currently located in Melbourne, Australia. We have also incorporated Specta Technologies LLC in Las Vegas, Nevada. Spectacam is currently being developed in Melbourne, Australia. Our future plans include expansion to North America as our largest target market is that region. Our initial plan to start in Australia is due to the ease of logistics within Asia-Pacific and the quality of key talent in product development.


How does Spectacam work?

Spectacam mounts directly onto user’s helmet using the Velcro strap mounting system. With a click of the main power button, the camera automatically starts recording. User has the option of connecting to the smart phone via WiFi and Spectacam smart phone app to view live images on both cameras. Images can help the user adjust both cameras angle of view. Other possible options include a rear view only function to use this feature as an electronic “rear view mirror”. Camera settings can be customized via the Spectacam smart phone app.

How does the Spectacam smartphone application work?

The user will be required to download the iPhone / Android app. Then, the user will activate his / her user ID to connect Spectacam to the smart phone device. Camera settings will be adjustable from the smart phone.

When and how will Spectacam be launched?

Spectacam will be launched via Kickstarter, a crowd-funding website.

What will be the price of Spectacam?

We are targeting to market the camera at around USD$349, however final price will be confirmed at a later date.

When can I have Spectacam?

We are targeting delivery of Spectacam beta prototype for mid-2013. The actual delivery of product will be delivered end of 2013.

What target market will Spectacam sell to?

Spectacam will be targeted towards all cyclists initially and all other types of sports.

Why did you mention Bluetooth capabilities in the video but WiFi in the page?

When we recorded the video, the plan was to integrate a Bluetooth chipset but as development progressed, it became clear that WiFi technology was the better way to go.

Is it waterproof?

This is one of our challenges to balance our streamlined design and weight with functionality. At minimum, it will be water resistant, but the goal is to achieve an IP55 rating which will classify it as water resistant.

How about a fully waterproof casing?

Yes that will be in the product pipeline!

How do I know your mounting system will fit my helmet?

Our alpha prototype was tested on the 9 most popular cycling helmets currently on the market. It fits all of them with ease. For non-vented helmets such as skateboard and motorcycle helmets, we will have double-sided adhesive mounts available.

Will the cameras have wide angle lens?

You specify it as medium angle. Since we are focusing this camera on a more safety aspect, we feel that wide angle lens distorts the close up views too much. It would make it tougher for the camera to capture detail such as car license plates as such. We are however looking into a possibility of a wide angle lens add on kit.

I’m concerned about the sturdiness of the adjustable cameras. If I hit a pothole will they be jostled out of position?

We designed the housing to include adjustable allen screws which will allow you tighten down as you need.

Will the cameras have the option of recording 920p and 720p?

Yes, we will have that option as we feel it would probably be more optimal to record in lower resolution.

Why not promote this camera for vehicle use?

It could be great evidence for police stops and accidents. There are already products on the market that are tailored to that use such as drive cam. Although we do know that our camera can have many uses including automotive. We decided to market this to a specific segment and dominate that area before expanding with our limited resources. Cycling is a market that is our expertise and one that I as founder have many contacts in which will go a long way to assuring our initial success. Once we have made steady progress in the cycling industry, then only will we consider broadening our efforts elsewhere.

Although I love the sleek design, I am concerned about the ruggedness and toughness of the camera if I crash or knock it heavily?

We will be using the highest quality plastics for the casing but since we are focused on a lightweight and streamline design, we are aware that we can’t have it all. However, we will be planning on offering a no fault crash replacement policy that will allow for a replacement with a nominal fee. We will be focused on customer loyalty and treating our customers how we want to be treated will be our policy.


What are the risks and challenges that come with completing your project, and how are you qualified to overcome them?

We have considered the challenges involved in designing and manufacturing an IP55 rated device, particularly in relation to the two rotating camera housings that must seal throughout their range of movement. For mass manufacture we think the ideal way to produce the required sealing surfaces would be through TPE seals which would be over-moulded onto the rigid housing components.

The design of this type of system is quite complex and challenging.

Another challenge we will have to encounter would be the video compression of the two simultaneous videos. Running 2 cameras at the same time, encoding the video, and streaming it, will have the controller running at maximum speed and will consume up the battery power. Getting 3 hours or more out of the battery will be our mission.

We are fortunate to have on our team a group of world-class designers and engineers at Outerspace Design. They have a proven track record developing high-level products for over 20 years and have worked with top consumer electronics companies like BlueAnt, Quest, TMC and one of the leading smartphone case manufacturers in the world.

How are you funded?

We are currently fully self-funded.

This is an awesome product! How can I invest?

Please contact for further investment opportunities.

Will you sell my information to third parties?

We do not rent or sell your personal information to third parties. We provide personal information that we collect for our internal marketing purposes. We do not disclose your personal information to third parties.

How can I get in touch with Specta Technologies?

Feel free to click to the Contact Us page to drop us a note, or email us at or Similarly, you can tweet, YouTube, or Facebook to us @spectacam.