3-time Olympian and Entrepreneur, Josiah Ng innovates Spectacam, a streamlined sports camera aimed at revolutionizing the cycling industry.

Melbourne, Australia – Specta Technologies, a Melbourne based start-up, aims to bring to market the world’s first dual video sports camera with WiFi capabilities. Cyclists and sports fanatics looking for a lightweight, streamlined, and cutting edge camera can now look forward to a product that has been aimed specifically at their needs.

Spectacam was conceptualized when 3-time Olympian Josiah Ng first saw the need for a streamlined helmet camera to use on a daily basis. The initial aim of Spectacam was to help record and analyze Josiah’s training regime in addition to recording his rides for safety purposes. Josiah spent a lot of time training on public roads and often encountered motorists who acted inappropriately or even dangerously towards himself and other cyclists. He envisioned having dual cameras to record any potentially negative incidents as well as anything exciting on his rides.

Josiah formed Specta Technologies to partner with Outerspace Design Group from Melbourne, Australia to design and develop the dual camera prototype. The alpha-prototype was successfully constructed in July 2012.


The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise a minimum of US$200,000 to help offset some of Spectacam’s development and tooling costs. Product development of this caliber is quite costly, and to complete the final development to manufacturing process will require the support of crowd sourced funding. Josiah likes this idea of launching Spectacam through this type of funding. “I think it validates and helps a project gain traction, while giving everyday consumers an opportunity to be part of the some of the greatest innovations in the world”. For a mimimum pledge of $199, Spectacam backers can expect to receive a Spectacam towards mid-2013. They will also have the unique opportunity to experience the amazing journey with Josiah and his team though regular updates via photos, videos and social media.

For more information, log on to www.spectacam.com/kickstarter

For PR enquiries, contact Josiah Ng: josiah@spectacam.com